Distinguished Alumni Award Nominations:

Previous Awardees


Alumnus of The Year – Hon.Dolphina Alego
Torch Bearer of The Year – Hon. Richard Tongi
Impeccable Service – Hon. Desderius Orimba


Prof. Constatine M. Nyamboga
Alumnus of The Year – Prof. Constatine M. Nyamboga
Torch Bearer of The Year – Hon.Elizabeth Juma
Impeccable Service – Bridget Oballa

Awards criteria

The Distinguished Alumnus Award program was established by DR.BAMU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION – KENYA to honour outstanding members of the Association and to celebrate their achievements.

The purpose of this biennial event is to recognize the Association’s alumni who have made significant contributions to the Association and the wider society, and whose accomplishments, affiliations, and careers have honoured the legacy of excellence at the Association as well as the Alma Mater.


 To be eligible to win an Award:

  1. Nominees shall have completed at least one academic program from Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University or the former Marathwada University.
  2. Nominees should be registered members of the Association, and in good standing.
  3. While it is preferable that the honourees are living, it is not a requirement.
  4. Honourees are representatives of the Association and by extension of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University and therefore, shall be held to a high standard of ethical and personal conduct in concert with the values of the university.

Types of Awards

Recipients will have demonstrated excellence in any of the following three distinct areas for the last 2 years:

  • Professional Achievement: The recipient has distinguished themselves through exemplary leadership and achievements in their professional field or Entrepreneurial pursuits, and proudly identifies with the Alma Mater and the Association – ALUMNUS OF THE YEAR


  • Service to Society: The recipient exhibits integrity and a demonstrated commitment to service through an interest in creating positive social change and improving the lives of others thus bringing honour to the Association – TORCH BEARER OF THE YEAR


  • Service and Support to the Association: The recipient’s deeds reflect the impact of his or her educational training, pride and loyalty in the alma mater as demonstrated through their interest in and support of the Dr. BAMU Alumni Association – Kenya and her programs. The award is due to the most dedicated members as evidenced by the BAMU Score return – IMPECCABLE SERVICE AWARD


Method of nominations of Awardees and Recognition

The Association will use the following guidelines for the Awardees’ Selection:

  1. The Chair of The Association shall appoint three members in good standing to the Awards Committee. At least one of the members so appointed by The Association Chair must have served during the previous year.
  2. The Awards Committee shall be responsible for overseeing the entire nominations exercise up until the presentation of the awards during the general meetings.
  3. The Awards Committee shall also be responsible for the sensitisation of the nomination exercise to the membership and ensure that as many members as possible get a fair chance to participate in the exercise.
  4. The Awards Committee shall collect submitted nominations which will be reviewed, validated and tallied. The Committee may work in tandem with other committees such as the Elections Committee to ensure a thorough process is undertaken to get the most deserving honourees.


  1. Nominees who meet the prescribed eligibility criteria and garner a simple majority win shall be declared the awardees in that particular year.
  2. All recipients will be notified prior to the ceremony and this information must not be made public until after the conclusion of the formal ceremony. Confidentiality must be respected by all parties throughout all stages of the Awards program.
  3. A nominator may nominate more than one person or may nominate the same person for more than one award, but these nominations must be submitted independently.
  4. Nominations must be made:
    • on the Dr. BAMU Alumni Association – Kenya website using the prescribed nomination form, and the relevant fields must be completed before submitting the form; and
    • The awards nomination exercise will commence from the 1st of September 2021 to 1st October 2021, at 12:00 am (EAT) which shall be the closing date of the nominations period for Financial Year 2020/2021.



A Nominee must not be:

  • A winner of prior years’ Distinguished Alumni Awards
  • An honorary member of the Association
    • An alumnus cannot win more than one award category in any calendar year and cannot win the same award category more than once.
    • Submission of a nomination form, or acceptance of a third party nomination, indicates acceptance of these guidelines.
    • These awards shall be bestowed for outstanding achievement and no compromises diminishing the significance of the awards will be made. The Executive reserves the right not to issue an award in a specific category if nominees don’t meet the standards.

Alumni Award Nomination Form

Nominations for the Alumni Awards are accepted biennially, after the term of each office.

Only registered members of the Association are allowed to nominate a member for the respective awards.

Three simple steps to nominate a fellow Alumnus:

  • Review the awards criteria
  • Fill in the Alumni award nomination form
  • Submit the form


Click here to fill in the form