Would you like to donate towards a particular cause or fund e.g Bursaries or an endowment ?

Your financial contribution can make a big difference and we offer many ways in which to contribute financially. If 500 alumni each gave Ksh.200 per month their Ksh.600,000.00 annual donation can help many needy and bright students with bursaries.

•You can give what you can afford and donate to the Association’s priority area of your choice.
•1. You can make a regular monthly contribution e.g. Ksh.1,000.00
•2. You can donate a big amount e.g. a Ksh.100,000 or Ksh.1,000,000.00 for a particular project or the endowment fund.
•3.You can also bequeath your estate or part thereof to the Association.

You can change someone’s life by getting involved here.

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