Posted on 1.1.2019

Ladies and gentlemen, let me take this opportunity on my own behalf and on behalf of the Executive Committee to wish you and your family a happy and a prosperous 2019.

We hope the new year will mark a watershed of activities that would once more put our Association on another pedestal as far as engagement and member activities are concerned.

We cap 2018 as the year when the Association was formally registered. We thank you for being part of the membership that has been able to invigorate it through targeted welfare and community social responsibility activities.

The year saw us initiate the Group Last Expense insurance policy for the membership. So far this has been a success and a pace setter in the alumni world. We envision increased membership in 2019 in order to make our Association a robust home for A’bad Wallas, and on this note, I encourage each one of us to continue being an Ambassador and reach out to all unregistered Alumni wherever they may be on the globe.

With a view of increasing member participation, we shall introduce member loyalty points to be earned as one participates in Association’s activities.

The rewards will vary from special membership status to other kinds of awards to be decided by the executive.

We will kick start the year 2019 with a seminar titled: From Employment to Deployment : Utilising the cyber space; Excellence and integrity. This will be followed by a re-look at alternative investment avenues for the Association.

Our brand new Alumni Chapter of Western Kenya shall be officially launched in the new year.

Further to this, we anticipate to start two publications for the Association – one a journal, and the other a magazine. We are currently trying to pursue an ISBN number for the journal. The journal will be a multi disciplinary in nature and shall have close links with our mother university at the Editorial Board level for purposes of peer review.

Once more I wish you a happy and prosperous 2019.


Dr Charles Nyambuga,
Chairman, Dr. BAMU Alumni Association – Kenya

Chairman’s Report read during the Dr.BAMU Alumni inaugural AGM

Posted on 31.12.2017

Ladies and gentlemen this year has been a rather busy one coupled with several socio-political engagements that have definitely impacted negatively or positively on each one of us.

BAMU as an association has gone through a tumultuous time. An association is a mass total of its membership.

The membership drive launched a month back is due to come to an end to be followed with a meeting to be held in Nairobi.

As the Executive, we have championed registration since we held the last AGM in July. By the end of the registration drive we intend to publish the names of all those who would have registered.

The executive thanks every member for their contributions during the various tragedies that have befallen us during the year 2017. We expect moving forward to register all the enrolled members in the insurance scheme as proposed in the last AGM.

Some statutory bodies such as CUE have hit hard on the University sector. But BAMU has stood firm in defence and in stating issues as they are, ensuring that our name is positively and rightly maintained. I salute the BAMU fraternity for all these.

The BAMU website encourages excellence from each one of you. We are ready to post or publish your scholarly and professional achievements as well as participate in other activities mooted by yourselves and the Executive Committee. All these would enrich us collectively.

We expect special mentions of excellence by the relevant committees before or during our next meeting.

May I either way take this opportunity to wish you all a happy and prosperous new year 2018.

The secretary is scheduled to circulate the agenda, venue and the exact date of our meeting.

Thank you all and may God Bless you

Dr. Charles Nyambuga